Irreversible by Sophia Hampton

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EPUB, Mobi, Kindle, PDF | English | 95 Pages
Published January 29th 2015 by E-Book Publishing World


A final plan to escape
Rafael is on the run from the Reapers, but Emma will be damned if she lets the plan fail. She’s come too far now to let it fail, risked too much… With the help of Andres Rios, she comes up with a plan to meet Rafael and make their final escape together.

On a highway to hell
A cryptic message from a private number sends him racing back straight into the heart of Reaper territory. For all he knows, it could be a trap set by the Reapers. But he’s not willing to risk losing Emma.

An ending, once and for all.
News of Rafael’s return spreads like wildfire and sets the conflict back in motion. Forced to ride through a hailstorm of bullets, will he make it in time to take Emma with him or will he be too late?


Emma couldn’t believe what she was hearing. He wanted to avenge his death? That sounded like something out of a movie. She couldn’t really say that it made much sense to her but this man seemed like he was ready to play the judge, the jury and the executioner.

“So they are going to kill me—” Emma knew these men weren’t in the business of killing people but she wanted to know if he was willing to say what these men did for a living.

“Killing would be too good for a traitor who sold out her Old Man to a rival. When you go with these two men you’ll wish to die every day and you’ll think about why you’re there,” Joe stated in a way that told her he thought she deserved what ever was coming to her. She knew he wouldn’t say exactly what these men were into because he was a cowardly ass.

“You said ‘when I go’. It doesn’t seem like you are going to let me walk away from this either way this night turns out.” She stood up because she’d heard enough of this bullshit, and being in here with three of the world’s creepiest men was making her feel dirty.

“You’ll come with us tonight. Your fate will depend on what we find out.”




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