# A Mate For The Bear: BBW Paranormal Alpha Shifter Romance by Natalie Kristen #

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Published June 2nd 2015


***BEAR BRIDES, Book 4 - STANDALONE, HEA with NO cliffhanger.  It features characters from the Bear Brides series.***
(NOTE: Adult only Bear Shifter Romance, contains scorching love scenes and possible violence)

He's her boss, her best friend and a hot alpha bear...

Alone and up to her eyeballs in debt, Joyce Donovan has to work as a stripper to pay off her ex-husband's debt. On a whim, she joins an online dating site, hoping to make a friend and just connect with someone. To her surprise, one of the members on the dating site contacts her. His profile name is DJ, and he becomes her online friend, someone she can chat with anonymously and confide in.

Dalton Jameson didn't think his Alpha's plan would work. But being a good Beta, he throws his support behind his Alpha's insane plan and gamely puts up his profile on an online dating site. Dalton doesn't think he'll find his mate on the site until he sees JD's profile. They strike up a friendship, a purely online one. When she finally discloses that she is working as a stripper in a club in Moonstone Creek, Dalton resolves to find her, even if he has to visit every strip club in town.

Facing off against treacherous predators in the strip club, Joyce is shocked when she is saved by DJ, her online friend who has burst out of cyberspace and into her real, messy life. Dalton takes her home and offers her a job. But falling for her boss and best friend brings danger to his doorstep.

Joyce isn't going down without a fight this time.
Dalton is her mate, her true love and she will fight for a future with him.

Now Available:
- A BRIDE FOR THE BEAR (Bear Brides, Book 1): amazon.com/dp/B00WA6LWCW
- A DATE FOR THE BEAR (Bear Brides, Book 2) :amazon.com/dp/B00WWG1IJW
- A WIFE FOR THE BEAR (Bear Brides, Book 3)
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- A MATE FOR THE BEAR (Bear Brides, Book 4) : amazon.com/dp/B00YSJOBEU
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